The Knitting Substitute

Saturday, October 14, 2006

October Birhtday Swap

I decided to celebrate my October birthday by opting to participate in an october Birthday swap for those of us interested in the yarn crafts! How fun. If my camera was cooperating with me, you would now be enjoying a picture of the package that I recieved this week from Tonya, my pal. Instead you must just visualize from my description. She sent my 3 skeins of yarn, two were a great colorway of kureyon, (a little felting seems to be in order), milano cookies and chocolate truffles (both hidden from teenagers), a cable needle (already in use), scented candle, lovely pins, a magnet ( on the fridge!) and fall silk flowers (on my desk as we speak). I hope that I did not miss anything. Thanks so much. This was great fun!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Schools back in session

Since school has begun, I have been called in to substitute three times. I could entertain you for hours about the fashion statements made at our local high school ,from the emo kids who look a little like the clash of my generation but not as punked up, to the shorty short skirt girls. Seriously, self expression is important. Keep repeating that as if it is a mantra, and think back to your own days in leggings and sweatshirts with the neck cut out of them. Oh wait, that style is reemerging as well. Yikes! My first day back, only two days after school began, I had a couple of lower level freshman english classes. Mostly my buddies from the previous year, who told me of the detentions they had already received. I tried to explain about the whole, cumulative nature of high school and how you will be applying to colleges in three years and they will look at your record, etc. I was met by blank stares and maybe a snore. This crowd had a total lack of self control. I extracted a minimum amount of work from them, only one kid tipped his chair and desk over and no other teacher had to come in and give them the evil eye. I call it a victory!! Ok, a word about my knitting. The anniversary socks are finally on the husband's feet, in the same month the anniversary was celebrated. Not bad. An awesome skull tote of chocolate brown with a bright pink skull went off to school with my senior daughter. The free pattern can be found at On top of all that a baby wash cloth and hat were completed for my nephew and his wife. When I figure out how, I will post pictures.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Summer's End

I am back from vacationing in southern Maine. The weather was beyond perfect. We even swam. The normally frigid water seemed just a bit warmer. One of my vacation highlights is dining out. I have to mention two delectable dining experiences we had on vacation. Bandaloop in Kennebunkport in one of the most vegetarian friendly spots that I know of. They offer a wide selection of meals including tofu, tempeh, meats and seafood where you pick the sauce and method of preparation ,as well as your starch. I had a tofu with a Thai barbecue sauce with rice that was so flavorful. There are about 8 sauces to choose from and one sounds better than the next. The next stand- out meal was at Gypsy Sweethearts in Ogunquit, where we indulged in salads and appetizers. My husband had the lobster Quesadilla. I t was one fine use of lobster! I had a perfectly balanced salad with spiced pecans, pomegranate vinaigrette and mandarin oranges on a bed on interesting greens, followed by crab cakes accompanied by a lime infused mayo. So So Good! We ate lots of lobster as well, beached it everyday and well I miss it already. Happy Anniversary to me. Twenty years! I still feel like the kid I was on that day twenty years ago. Oh and I did not finish knitting the anniversary socks that were one of my intended gifts. One is done. He tried that on with the promise of another soon. Those size one needles are excuse my language, a bitch. I love the finished project, but its slow going! Soak up the summer vibe because its winding down folks. Much love,

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Knitting Substitute

I have lobster on the brain

I have been feverishly packing for a weeks vacation in southern Maine. I will miss my boys (the dog and two cats)! Boo Hoo. I want to sink my toes in the sand, eat a lobster roll at barnacle Billies in Perkins Cove, get some salty licorice from Harbor Sweets, buy yet another pair of pink flip flops from Carrot and Company and eat an ice cream cone from Browns.
Oh, and relax of course, while not gaining an ounce! I will walk on the beach, not to worry.

I have been spending an equal amount of time picking out the knitting projects that will go with me! I must, when he isn't looking, finish the socks that I am knitting for my husband. Out 20th anniversary is the following week. They are basic, but I am proud of them. I have also included, in my knitting bag two yummy skeins of Noro and the Irish hikers cable scarf pattern. I will knit that when he is paying attention!

While I am lapping up melted butter with the lobster of course, I hope you will all be relishing those waning days of summer.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Knitting Substitute

The Knitting Substitute Ok, its hot as blazes in Connecticut and yes, I know almost everywhere else too at this point. I swam , worked on my knit sock project and met my new baby "great niece", Olivia. I know everyone says this, but this kid is mighty cute. I know you're thinking this woman is a great Aunt, she must be on in years. Before you have me rocking on the front porch, I must tell you, I am ten years younger than my sister, the Grandma, whose 53 and looks about 43. Ok, now you know how old I am. I am cool with that. You don't think I should cook dinner in this weather, do you? Ok, I do have central air, but theres a warning to conserve energy and I am interested in portecting the environment, so, I think we should go out! We will talk tomorrow. Be hot and happy.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh, so heres what your in for.....

It only took me 21 years to really put that degree in English to good use. I say college tuition well spent!! Heres what you will hear about from me. I am a Mother of two teenage daughters, who are mostly pretty cool, but well they are teenagers! I must tread lightly while talking about them! (wink wink). We are sort of vegetarians who do eat seafood. I am not sure there is a name for that! I garden, do yoga and knit a little obsessively! I have a black cat named Scout, an over- weight yellow cat named Huck and a three year old Cocker Spaniel named charlie, all three shelter animals. But, and heres where the humorous stories will likely come from, I am a substitute teacher in our public Junior Highs and High School. Yes, I know what your kids are up to in school! (And I am not talking about your gifted little darlings at the elementary schools!) Stay tuned!